Altogether Now: A Guide to Forming Music Teacher Co-operatives

The following guide is based on 'Are You Ready for a Brand New Beat’ (written by Geof Cox in 1995 [in collaboration with Bob Wearn]), which outlined the formation of the North East Music Co-operative (NEMCO) – the UK’s first music teachers’ co-operative. It also refers to various booklets and fact sheets published by Co-operatives UK and the Musicians’ Union, and draws upon my own personal experience of forming Swindon Music Co-operative (SMCO) in 1998.

    The purpose of this publication is:
    –to explain what a co-operative is and how it works (Part 1);
    –to explore some of the key issues and challenges which may affect the set-up process, including TUPE, employment status, VAT, pricing, direct billing, admin, location, websites, banking, etc. (Part 2);
    –to provide some guidance, hints and advice on forming
    your own co-operative (Part 3).

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