Does God care about politics?  Yes, I believe he does.  However, hypocrisy is confusing the true nature of God, instilled by the hypocritical and misrepresentative advertising and inflated rhetoric of freedom, liberty, and equality.  In fact, modern education has now given us the procedure to allow Truth to appear, and it requires our education as activists and entrepreneurs.  The negative consequences of hypocrisy are building, as in sea levels and other environmental degradation.  Organic and fair trade food and other green products give us the other options.  While Corporations have perpetrated a Materialistic Consumer Culture that is mostly oblivious to the building consequences and dangers, we activists need to get educated and to express ourselves to define ourselves vigorously, and ultimately educate others.  As NYPIRG has organized a fuel buyers' group for windpower, Obama worked in community organizing, and ACORN actually reported the frauds the Republicans have tried to smear them with, God needs us to recognize the value of each person which can make them receptive to the Truth of democratic education, economics, and politics.

An awareness of progressive activity in the financial industry can help build the movement as a whole and help people become less dependent, and more independent of the destructive premises of the mainstream corporate economy.

In this blog entry there are three selections from progressive news sources.

Journalist Naomi Klein has expressed dynamic views addressing the problematic causes of the global Wall St. crisis and the bail out, including the economics of Milton Friedman.  Alternative approaches are available in works such as Anna Milford's work on organic and free trade economics and Herman Daly's whole cost accounting and steady state paradigm. 

A worldview adequate to overcome the limitations of a secular society is necessary given the power of corporations, their organization, and their advertising.  I describe a bit of the views influencing my beginning explorations of a church advocating social and environmental justice activism and entrepreneurship and science and modern education, the Modern Interfaith Church of Christ. 
Arvol Looking Horse spoke at the New York Open Center, and I was able to hear his important perspective on the role of ecological awareness and spirituality in daily life, and the reforming of modern lifestyles.

On Thursday, September 18, the U.S. Mission to the U.N. held a Green Business discussion panel at U.N. Headquarters.  The panel was diverse to the extent that the Corporate representatives were also met by a consultant and NGO representative.  The subjects focussed on the corporate level views of the issues, including Cap and Trade Markets.  Some audience input also contributed to deepening the conversation.  My topic was certification, and was met by a negative and skeptical view of "legitimacy," although later comments acknowledged important examples.  I am beginning to evaluate the communication process and the information structure which I as an advocate of solidarity economics and the World Social Forum can develop.


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