Modern neoliberal investor capitalism has roots in its Judeo-Christian heritage generally, and Christianity in particular.  Activist culture can be fortified and

invigorated by examining its own roots to raise the conflicting consequences of common religious influences,

and to identify the grassroots, democratic, non-exclusionary, non-domination qualities inherent in those origins.

Modern corporate advertising and consumer culture tends to divert the attention of people from the obvious source of true culture, and the basis for employee cooperative and community ownership: grassroots personal projects and memory and recognition of loved ones and history of the basis of modern activism and education.  These go beyond back further than the World Social Forum, Mother Jones, A. Philip Randolph, Samuel Gompers, the Rochdale Pioneers, and Robert Owen.   Following the modern university, modern logic begins before Newton and Descartes in the efforts of Thomas Aquinas, a philosopher minister student of Albert Magnus.  The essential role of Christ's teachings of justice, therapy, love, and integrity thus appear in activism, spiritual practice like in Tai Chi or Yoga, and psychotherapy.  Making your own ice cream, for example, is also one easy way to start.

      The Microsoft Anti-Trust case is also an interesting example of corporate ideological influence in the U.S., and the difference with Europe.  The subject becomes a good opportunity to recognize the importance of Public Interest groups, consumer activism like Reverend Billy advocates, and local empowerment efforts. 


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