Love and Terror

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(Becoming the Change 7)                 

When we are about making the world better—as opposed to making it right—love is reigning. Then we are passionate about our movements. We are in a reign of love, and that love owns our power.

However, we are also passionate about being seen in the best light possible. Both by ourselves and by others. In a word, ego. This takes us into a reign of terror. There fear owns our power. We either bite, freeze, or bitterly hold our tongue.

When our fear of not being good enough is triggered, anyone of us is quite capable of tearing an other apart. As we all know, that button is always close by. We are careful not to trigger that button in others out of fear that we will do something terrible. Or, it will cost us dearly.

Collectively being in the fear that something terrible will happen is the reign of terror. It is why the world doesn’t work well.                                                  

We don't talk about this, face-to-face or in our forums and conferences. Some, but hardly at all. It’s challenging work. The more we don’t, the more challenging it becomes. That’s how terror comes to reign more than love.

We undo our love work almost as fast we do it. Often more. Sometimes a lot more. Losing our power to affect change all the while.

Either we embrace this as a core problem, or terror will reign. That is, take on learning to talk about it together as a basic practice, and prioritize keeping it out front in every forum and conference.


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