Cooperative Networking & Problem Solving (video)

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This keynote address by Robin Seydel from the 2011 California Cooperative Conference deserves to be widely seen.

Seydel, of La Montanitas Cooperatives in New Mexico, gives a succinct and wonderful presentation of how their 300 mile radius of networking among stores, farmers & related suppliers, functions. Trucks never drive empty; they are either bringing requested goods to the farmers (paper products, crates, boxes) or returning with goods. Slow periods for some types of farms are addressed by identifying solutions to the slow seasons & actively encouraging local businesses (restaurants, etc) to introduce products to keep farm income steadier throughout the year. The local university students have opened a student run cooperative store to provide themselves with healthy food options. 

Do you know of any other examples of cooperative networking? Write and let me know!

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Jai Jai Noire

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