Bill Ayers on the Coming Revolution

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On, a couple of short video interview segments with Bill Ayers. Very down-to-earth and sensible criticism from which all of us should draw comfort and strength. His point about Revolution is that it probably won't be a repeat of the War of Independence, the French Revolution, or the Overthrow of the Czar. It is likely to be more of a process as we come to grips with the changes forced on us by things like oil-depletion, climate-change, and the ongoing financial looting by the Corporate Capitalists and Banksters (that last is my add-on). He's brilliant on what we should be doing and Michael Johnson will probably stand up and cheer Bill's thoughts on the need for internal and transformative change ... I did.

At the end of the second video we get:

"No one should have expected him [Obama] to save us when it was up to us to save ourselves."

It's a summary to remember and an inspiration to trudge on in the good fight.

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