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The Social Media for Corporate Business

April 19, 2019 - 8:32am

Research has shown there is a large gap in engagement among employees. Around 60% of employees report dissatisfaction about their jobs, particularly in regard to communication issues ( resources). If a company is to connect with the customers they aim to reach, the efforts should begin from within, with the employees, as they are the infrastructure of the business and must be interconnected. This is where a social intranet would be a critical tool to implement.

An intranet is essentially the professional version of social media. Because of social networking’s huge impact on our everyday lives, it’s been intertwined into business models for improved work relationships and communication among company administration members and employees. As a private network, it is accessed only by staff of the organization and remains unavailable to the public.

Most people are aware of and have used e-mail, social networking sites, Google services, or Dropbox for communication, team collaboration, and file sharing; there are a plethora of other tools, apps, and technological modes for discussing projects. Despite the usefulness of such methods, they can be disorganized, mixed in with non-work items, and the information can be dispersed among many tools. An efficient way to combine all of these uses onto one platform is an intranet. As a system meant for the eyes of organization insiders, it is under the company’s control. It would be in the company’s best interest to utilize an intranet for efficiency and security.

Company-wide communication, resources, conversation, employee feedback, email and live chatting, document sharing – all of this is on one platform, freeing up the apps and devices usually used. It allows members to share ideas and have organized threads among employees in real time. The company can facilitate announcements, as well as articles or blog posts. It minimizes the junk of non-work environments, making the space organized and productive.

Businesses with an intranet are linked with improved relations among employees, better engagement, and job satisfaction. One of a company’s main priorities is to promote its values and goals to the employees. However, it is difficult to know if the message gets across without the proper means of receiving feedback, outside of self-report surveys. With intranet, a place where employees can describe their thoughts and criticisms, it’s very different from filling out a limited multiple-choice question asking for a satisfaction rating. This mode of communication shows that employers and administration truly care about their individual employees; they are invested in the company’s productivity and corporate interactions. An intranet is a smart way to improve job-satisfaction, thus creating a health community for employees. Its collaboration aspect is phenomenal for efficient, productive work. There are opportunities for sharing ideas, projects, notes, continuous updates on projects and accountability. Progress is faster, innovation is promoted, and good well-being within a company is upheld.

Another important component of a social workplace like a corporation necessitates that there is communication between many employees. For this aspect to flourish, there needs to be an environment in which everyone is connected and familiar, everyone has an equal chance to speak regardless of position, and where the employees’ ideas are respected and acknowledged to promote better work and productivity. Employees are more likely to work better and feel better about their work if there have a strong social network within the company. Such networks in turn increase loyalty to the cause, thus increased competition with rivals.

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What Exactly is the Intranet and Extranet and how can they help your Company?

April 19, 2019 - 2:32am

It was not too long ago that business communication with customers, clients, and even your own staff was very difficult and tedious, so much so that document sharing could only be done if the file was small enough to be delivered. However, over the past decade technology has advanced at such a rapid pace that these issues are almost non-existent in today’s business world. Introducing Intranet and extranet, these are currently leading technology that allows customers, clients, and team to have access to your company 24/7. New business owners might be intimidated by these new words, after all, most people only know about one avenue, and that is the internet. Therefore, we are going to look into what makes these new technologies unique, how they benefit a company and of course our final thoughts on them. 

The first thing we want to point out is that intranet and extranet are two very different things, although once they are successfully implemented into a company, the advantages and possibilities are endless. These two technologies will aid to streamline your day to day operations as well as make your clients or customers that much more satisfied when they do business with you. Although many like to pin these technologies as the intranet vs extranet argument, they are both beneficial in their own capacities. 

What Is Extranet? 

The extranet is merely an external private network that can only be accessed by your clients, vendors and or specific customers. In addition, the extranet will also play a significant role in the communication you have with your clients and or customers. This private network allows your customers to quickly contact you via email or video call to go over critical order details. On the other end, extranet also organizes any and all files pertaining to activity between you and your clients, a very important feature when large amounts of funds are being transferred or invested in. One way I have found to have made it easy for me to tell the difference is to simply remember the first part of the word which is (Extra) or outside. Extra can also be the extra assistance that you provide to a client or customer. 

What Is Intranet? 

If you’ve ever had a job in a company that often requires its staff to complete certain amounts of projects every month than you’ve most probably have worked with Intranet technology. Intranet technology is often used in a private setting by companies that allow its staff members to communicate instantly and share private and critical project information about the company amongst themselves. Much like Extranet, Intranet is also a private area only accessible to the company and certain employees. Intranet like extranet is used to help streamline the day to day operations of a company, especially companies which have remote employees. 

What does the future hold? Although these two technologies have been within their own separate sectors, technology has once again help innovate the way we use intranet and extranet. Future plans have been unveiled that software is currently being worked on that will combine these two technologies and produce a product to companies that will help them have access to both clients and staff within one program.

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April 18, 2019 - 9:27am

If you want to create more than one website for your business, you need a powerful marketing tool to help you build your business. Should you already have many separate WordPress sites, you can use our tools to create a marketing network system to expand your business in minutes. Our multisite SEO tool can be the right solution to help you get more clients.

We use the only distributed marketing architecture that allows businesses to create, market, and customize sites hosted individually for the best organic search performances from the cloud. We focus on facilitating marketing and SEO for more than one WordPress site and large WordPress installs. We do all this instead of offering just features connected to the infrastructure, like performing backups or changing themes.

If you’re not interested in becoming a WordPress system administrator but instead you want to make your sites more visible and to market your sites, then we have the right solution for you.

If you already have a WordPress site, moving from WordPress to WordPress MultiSite is a full migration. This migration can be very difficult and costly. It also comes with risks and comes with limitations, like user access privacy problems and a lack of flexibility relating to moving sites in and out of the network. Should you work with the best talent with the technical abilities to handle this, the solution can’t help multi-location or multi-sites businesses perform any better, except a system and software administration viewpoint.

The other, better option is to connect your existing WordPress websites to our marketing cloud with our WordPress plugin. This helps you avoid all of the problems associated with migration, and your online footprint will grow. With our premium WordPress plugin, you can connect all the WordPress sites you want to our marketing automation platform, customizing and marketing all your sites from one centralized online location. You can use one set of rules and tools to simply optimize and market your multi-site business.

If you’re thinking of moving away from WordPress, or you’re starting from the beginning, our solution is still the right option to create and market a multisite network. You’ll have access to centralized marketing tools, like large scale SEO, social marketing and more. You’ll work directly with our team to build the CMS system for your system. You’ll experience better tool integration with wide-ranging capabilities. You can freely use regular WordPress installs, and mix and match sites powered by our systems as you need. Additionally, you can use private-label solutions if you’re an agency or an independent consultant.

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