The co-operative banking network operates its own deposit protection scheme, for which each bank pays a risk-related levy. It uses rating methods and individual audits to make sure banks don’t take too much risk, and can take preventive measures, such as requiring a bank to restructure.

In effect, network members guarantee each other’s lending.


From April 18th through the 22nd of 2015, a conference will be held at the Inter-University Centre(IUC) in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  This conference, which is open to the general public, will focus on “Revisiting Self-Management: Lessons from its Past; Reflections on the future of social economy and self-managed work.”

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A big question remains as to the role which co-ops, and the larger movement of that they are a part—a growing cluster under the heading of New Economy, Worker-Owned Enterprises, Solidarity Economy—could potentially play in fundamental social transformation, given the limitations discussed above.

Four Star Video Heaven, located on 449 State Street, is one of Madison’s few remaining video rental stores. The store, which is also one of Madison’s many cooperatives, has a long history in the community and employed some of Madison’s finest creative minds such as writer Dan Savage and creators of the the Onion’s sister publication, The A.V. Club.

“There is an old guard of the labor movement that hears worker coops and are highly skeptical, and don't want to have anything to do with them,” Freilla says. “But there is a place for a union within a worker coop. Particularly, when you talk about larger worker coops.”

It is easy to get stuck on how we think about job creation. Often we hear that our community simply has to offer tax incentives to encourage businesses to move here and create jobs. What we know is that businesses lured in with financial promises can as easily move out when the economic climate changes.

Since 2007, the International Gathering of “The Workers’ Economy” (Encuentro Internacional de “La Economía de los Trabajadores-Trabajadoras”) has taken place every two years.

[Editor's note: This paper examines processes of cooperative degeneration and regeneration in two large European cooperatives: John Lewis and Mondragon.]


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The East End Food Co-op—one of Pittsburgh’s original sources of organic produce, vegan offerings and bulk foods—is looking to expand to a second location, in addition to the existing Meade Street store and cafe.


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