Imagine, then, if in just one hour you could match hundreds of detailed offers and needs within a group of people, even if the group were all strangers. What if such an opportunity not only stimulated meaningful connections but had the potential to re-localise your economy and reduce your ecological footprint, all through a fun activity?

Investment in the wider co-operative sector is still a crucial role for the retail sector, especially for the long-term prosperity of the movement. Partnerships – or co-operation among co-operatives – are needed to ensure a full circle of benefits for all co-ops.

This is arguably the most important series of protests since the civil rights movement some fifty years ago. As veteran activist Phil Hutchings argues, there has been a ‘changing of the guards’ in the Black Liberation movement.

For anyone interested in building community and activism, events are a mainstay of tribe creation. But gatherings come with challenges. Some, including lectures, film screenings, organized walks, workshops, and multi-day conferences, are large and need advance structure, organization, planning, and funding.

This seems like a good time to give you all an update on how POCA Tech is going. It’s amazing to me that so much has happened in just four modules. We are all learning an enormous amount -- and not just the students learning point locations, and not just administrators and faculty learning how to run a school. We’re learning, collectively, what acupuncture is.


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