Workplace Democracy Across the Professions

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The New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives will hold its second annual conference of presentations and discussions about economic democracy and the road to economic justice.

City officials want to launch new worker-owned businesses in some of the poorest parts of Rochester in hopes of creating good, reliable jobs and building wealth in high-poverty neighborhoods.

The idea has shown promise in other cities, and it could help here too, say members of Mayor Lovely Warren's administration.

(PV)² is hiring for three positions: General Manager, CSL solar installer, and solar MA licenced electrician.

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Simple Diaper and Linen is looking for a part-time worker-owner.

Through hands-on, peer-to-peer organizing, the local sharing community in Nijmegen has grown into a large network of people who share not only their knowledge, but their stuff, their time, their workspace—whatever they have excess of. As Roemen explains, they started sharing everything and exploring more of the area's abundant resources.

At age 60, when many of her friends are considering retirement, Josefina Luna is chair of the board of CERO Cooperative Inc. CERO is a five-member worker-owned cooperative on a mission to encourage composting and create jobs in the hard-up Boston neighborhoods of Roxbury, Dorchester, and East Boston.

The motto of Dauphin, Manitoba, a small farming town in the middle of Canada, is “everything you deserve.” What a citizen deserves, and what effects those deserts have, was a question at the heart of a 40-year-old experiment that has lately become a focal point in a debate over social welfare that's raging from Switzerland to Silicon Valley.

The controversial dismissal of several Citizens Co-op employees last year led to an almost yearlong labor dispute, but a much-anticipated settlement is now on the horizon.

Meet La'Zooz, a project that began in Israel but belongs to nowhere. Like Uber, Lyft or Sidecar, it’s an attempt to implement real-time ridesharing, but without the company.

You’ve decided that your brewery is going to be a cooperative. Now you need to find others who will share the burden and resources. You can work together to start your own brewery. That’s what Christian Borglum and others are doing with San Jose Co-op Brewpub in San Jose, California.


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