"When we first started we were trying to plant seeds and … start businesses where people who did the day-to-day work owned and controlled it,” Pérez de Alejo said. “Now I think there’s a lot more receptiveness to it.”

Uber built its $40 billion business around a mobile-based application that connects drivers with riders. Hailed by some for shaking up a stagnant taxi industry, others criticize the company for how it treats drivers, who pay for their own cars, gas, and maintenance.

The 2015 World Social Forum opened its doors for the second consecutive year in Tunisia. Since 2001, this open space represents an alternative to the World Economic Forum at Davos and declares its anti-globalization approach in the fight against capitalism and neoliberalism.

One of the convictions behind this booklet is that the language used in contemporary Canada to discuss co-operatives has become somewhat stale, rigid, and superficial. Co-operatives are highly adaptable and complex institutions; their essence cannot easily be captured by any simple formula or list of characteristics.

The transformation to fair and sustainable regional economies requires place-based, citizen-driven tools. The principles behind these tools are universal, but their effective application will be shaped by the landscape, the people, the history, and the culture of each particular region.

Good Jobs First seeks a full-time, graduate-level intern for our Washington, D.C. office. Good Jobs First is a national resource center that works with community, labor, and environmental organizations; economic development officials; and public policymakers to promote corporate and government accountability in economic development.

We are pleased to announce the release of Beyond Business as Usual: Putting Cooperation to Work in Austin, TX. This groundbreaking report explores the history, current impact, and potential of the cooperative economy in Austin.

Overcoming many obstacles in a shaken Kenya, we had an amazing launch today of the third community currency in Kenya! Kangemi-Pesa is also tradeable with Gatina-Pesa their neighboring community, who came out in force to support the program along with the area chief.

I think Buen Vivir is a proposal aimed at making visible and expressible aspects of reality that are ignored by the dominant paradigm. It is a proposal from a radical and spiritual perspective of ecology, and is logically incompatible with development and industrialization.


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