NCBA CLUSA led a research and education trip to Cuba last week to gain a clearer picture of the cooperative movement there, which observers say is playing an increasingly significant role in the country’s push for economic reform.

Provides for the organization, operation, and regulation of cooperatives. Provides that cooperatives are not-for-profit entities. Sets forth requirements for articles of incorporation, amendments, number of incorporators, and voting rights. Provides for regulation by the Secretary of State. Sets forth requirements for directors. Defines terms.

In the 1970s, Elinor "Lin" Ostrom and her graduate students, including Roger Parks began researching how urban governments supplied basic services such as police protection in large metropolitan areas like St. Louis. Many urban governments had turned to city-county consolidation plans but Ostrom's studies showed that smaller could be—and often was—better.

It is increasingly apparent that today’s economy is not working for most of us. Growing inequality of wealth and income is putting the famous American middle class in danger of becoming a distant memory. Most American children now face economic prospects worse than their parents enjoyed.

A new report commissioned by the International Co-operative Alliance examines all the debt and equity instruments used to finance the assets and operations of co-operatives.

The Bolivarian movement came to embrace socialism for pragmatic reasons. Through the practical experience of governance, it became increasingly clear to Chávez and those around him that capitalism with its ethic of production for profit could not achieve their social justice objectives.

Narendra Varma loves chocolate. However, he’s also co-founder of Our Table Cooperative, a farm and grocery cooperative that aims to provide locally sourced, organically grown food to the city of Sherwood, Oregon. That means his love of chocolate is complicated.

(Vatican Radio) It was another lesson in the economic thought of Pope Francis. In an audience with members of the Confederazione Cooperative Italiane (confederation of Italian co-operatives) on Saturday, Pope Francis gave the 7,000 people present five practical suggestions for their mission in the context of the current “throwaway culture.”


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