In our work to build communities of opportunity where low-income people and people of color can thrive, we must acknowledge that income is how you get out of poverty, assets are how you stay out.

However, not long after Laz received the eviction notice, she said a sort of miracle happened: She was approached by two organizers from Omni Commons, a self-styled "radical community resource center" that had just moved into the former rock venue on Shattuck at 48th.

A lack of compassion is arguably the cause of many of humankind’s most devastating failures.

The clinics in turn are part of a far larger and avowedly political movement of well over 400 citizen-run groups – food solidarity centres, social kitchens, cooperatives, “without middlemen” distribution networks for fresh produce, legal aid hubs, education classes – that has emerged in response to the near-collapse of Greece’s welfare state, and has more than doubled in size in the past three years.

Countless other grocery stores in the area, large and small, have closed or changed hands over the decades (Capital Market, Steve’s Market, and Maxham’s Corner Store to name just a few). But in the village of Adamant, 2015 is a milestone year. It marks the 80th year that the Adamant Cooperative store has been continuously serving the residents of the area.

The trailer park, originally constructed in 1962 by Boeing employees installing Minuteman missile systems for the U.S. Air Force, is located on Lower River Road. High levels of arsenic were detected in the water in 2012.

The Davis Food Co-op seeks an experienced and innovative leader for the position of General Manager.

The cooks team at Red Emma's has an immediate opening for an experienced vegan/vegetarian chef to join our kitchen crew. Responsibilities determined based on the qualifications of the applicant, but may potentially include menu and recipe development, sourcing, prep and line cooking, and sandwich construction.

I knew that Mondragon was not the first 20th century attempt to successfully use group entrepreneurship and worker cooperatives on a large scale to systematically create jobs and enterprises. That honor should go to the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, more commonly know as “INDUSCO” or “Gung Ho,” founded in 1938, eighteen years earlier than Mondragon.

INDUSCO was initiated and promoted by a young woman, Helen Foster Snow, who was originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. She lived in China with her husband, Edgar Snow, from 1932 to 1939.


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