Planet Community - Episode 3
by Fellowship for Intentional Community
Dec 14
by Chris Roth
Dec 10
Touring Western Canada's Co-ops
by Co-operatives First
Dec 7
An Interview with Emma Back
by Grassroots Economic Organizing
Dec 3

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Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage
Planet Community - Episode 3
Fellowship for Intentional Community
December 14
Evolution in Community
Chris Roth
December 10
The Backroad Diaries
Touring Western Canada's Co-ops
Co-operatives First
December 7
Equal Care Co-op
An Interview with Emma Back
Grassroots Economic Organizing
December 3
What Your Co-op Needs to Know About the New Tax Laws
NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives
November 27
Key Facilitation Skills: Semipermeable Membranes
Welcoming Passion While Limiting Aggression
Laird Schaub
November 19
Guerrilla Translation's Open Coop Governance Model
An Overview
Stacco Troncoso
November 16
Student Housing Co-ops and the Inter-Cooperative Council
Planet Community - Episode 2
Fellowship for Intentional Community
November 12
Learning from the Past
Lessons from Historical Communities
Amy Hart
November 9
Inner Landscapes - Activists Community of Practice
An Interview/Conversation with Pamela Boyce Simms
Grassroots Economic Organizing, Growing Democracy Project
November 5
Are Personal Currencies a Good Idea?
Matthew Slater
November 2
Striking Spectrum Workers Want a Multi-Stakeholder Co-op for NYC
Richard Wolff Interviews Troy Walcott
Economic Update
October 29
Mapping the Cooperative / Solidarity Economy
A Session from OPEN 2018
The Open Co-op
October 22
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Dec 13 I am sending a link to a TED talk. Unusal for me. This one is really unusual. If you watch the first two minutes or so, you will probably have to...
Dec 13 Congratulations Rebecca on retirement from CFNE. Go to the GEO front page
Dec 13 The best system does not help if we can’t do it in our groups. How can we keep our teams on track?I assume that we’re talking about a scenario where...
Dec 12 Matthias Scheiblehner on why his Seattle construction firm Metis converted into a worker co-op.Watch more from Democracy At Work Go to the GEO front...
Dec 12 Women and cooperation play a significant role in the Indian economy especially as no other country in the world has a co-operative movement as large...
Dec 10 Despite the high proportion of people unemployed and retired, people in Southern European countries do not have more time left to participate in...
Dec 7 Last month I conducted a series of workshops at a brace cooperative houses in Austin TX. While there I got into an interesting conversation with...
Dec 6 The Co-op is a student housing cooperative on Landfair Avenue, which includes three buildings that house around 400 students total. Residence is open...
Dec 6 In a limited-equity cooperative, members buy a share in the development, which gives them the right to occupy one of the units. Members pay monthly...
Dec 5 The concept behind Working People is incredibly simple: I talk to working-class folks from around the country, from all walks of life, and I record...